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Wentzville Fire Protection District  A Shift Battalion Firefighter Jim Fowler

Jim Fowler


WFPD Anniversary: 1/14/1991

31 years 10 months 

Wentzville Fire Protection District C Shift Battalion Firefighter Paramedic Tim Bobbie

Tim Bobbitt


WFPD Anniversary:  1/4/2016

6 years 10 months 

Wentzville Fire Protection District Board of Director Chairman Bob Hawkins

Bob Hawkins

Board Chairman

WFPD Anniversary: 7/11/2013
Re-elected for 6 yr. term 4/2021

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Wentzville Fire Protection District  fire fighter welcoming people into the front door of a fire station

Wentzville Fire Protection District 

Serves To Protect Our Families and Our Community

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