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Wentzville Fire Protection District firefighter utilizing a fire utility crowbar and oxygen equipment for  a live fire training exercises

Resources To Kickstart Your Career As A First Responder

If you want a hands-on, meaningful career, consider becoming a firefighter–paramedic.

A Career At The WFPD Is an Opportunity To Make A Positive Impact In Our Community

Put your passion for saving lives and protecting our communities into action at the Wentzville Fire Protection District. We operate in stay-of-the-art facilities, equipment, standardized procedures, and operations

* Check back regularly as we update as we update this page when we have openings.

Wentzville Fire Protection District fire fighter prepping a fire protection boat in a fire stations garage
Wentzville Fire Protection District fire fighter carrying a ladder

Explore Our Educational Resources For Becoming A Firefighter

If you’ve been considering a career as an emergency responder but don’t know where to start, WFPD has the resources you need to make an informed decision.

Learn about class offerings and programs for firefighter-paramedics and EMTs in Missouri.

Wentzville Fire Protection District firefighter putting on a oxygen max for training
Wentzville Fire Protection District firefighter testing out fire equipment at in a fire station

Firefighter Education Resources

  • Firefighter Training & Certification

  • St. Louis County Fire Academy

  • Fire Fighter I & II Training

  • MU Fire & Rescue Training Institute

EMT & Paramedic Education Resources

  • Respond Right EMT & Paramedic Schools

  • SCAAD EMT Program

  • SCAAD Paramedic Program

  • St. Louis Community College EMT

  • St. Louis Community College Paramedic

  • Lindenwood University EMT

  • Lindenwood University Paramedic

  • IHM Academy of EMS

  • Pike-Lincoln Techincal Center EMT & Paramedic Programs

  • Christian Hospital EMS Academy

* We do not endorse any of these schools. These are resources to learn more about these fields

Wentzville Fire Protection District Firefighter holding his station 1 fire helmet

The Wentzville Fire Protection District Provides Crew Members Training Programs

All of our crew members are encouraged to seek training opportunities to be as successful as possible in this field.

The WFPD offers various training opportunities throughout the year to all our personnel, so they can better serve the community and adapt to changes in the industry.

Wentzville Fire Protection District Firefighters at a live fire training exercise
Wentzville Fire Protection District firefighter putting on fire safety equipment from their locker

The WFPD personnel receives credentialing from the Missouri Department of Fire Safety in the following areas:

  • Fire Fighter I and II

  • Fire Instructor

  • Fire Officer

  • Fire Inspector

  • Fire Investigator

  • Hazardous Materials

Explore The Missouri Department of Fire Safety Training Calendar

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