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History (Top)
Wentzville Fire Protection District  Fire Truck

The WFPD Has Been Serving & Protecting
Wentzville and St. Charles County Since 1934

Our History

Today, the Wentzville Fire District is one of the largest fire districts in St. Charles County, covering 88 square miles. The fire district extends to the Lincoln County line to the north, the Warren County line to the West and South, and East to Weldon Springs Road and Lake Saint Louis Boulevard.

Wentzville Fire Protection District Station 1

In The Beginning,

The Wentzville Fire Protection District came from humble beginnings. In its infancy, there wasn’t much of a fire station; it was a group of volunteer members with a truck. The volunteers came together and placed a small water tank on a Model T with a pump and a limited fire hose. At the time, the firetruck was garaged on Linn Avenue in the City of Wentzville.

Wentziville Fire Protection District Fire Truck  leaving fire station 5 garage

By 1934, the City of Wentzville built a New City Hall, which housed a deep well and fire equipment for the next 20 years.
In 1942, a central fire truck was purchased through fundraisers, like baseball and softball tournaments, as well as plays performed by volunteers, along with the sale of public fire tag subscriptions.

By 1959, the first fire station was constructed at 209 West Peace Boulevard. It housed the offices and trucks for the volunteer firefighters.In 1971, voters approved measures to form the Wentzville Fire Protection District.  The district encompasses 88 square miles of Western St. Charles County.

Wentzville Fire Protect District Fire fighter bell

The 1970s through the 1990s, the District Continued To Grow:

From the 1970s into the 80s, three additional fire stations were built in the City of Flint Hill, the City of Foristell, and the Dardenne Prairie area.

In 1991, seven volunteers became paid members.
Then throughout the 1990s into the early 2000s, the staff grew with firefighters–EMTs.

Two Wentzville Fire Protection District  firefighter and fire truck

2014 - 2018

In 2014, the district successfully passed a bond and tax initiative.

From 2016 to 2017, an additional 18 firefighters–paramedics were hired and staffed on frontline apparatus.

We were the first fire district in St. Charles County to provide Advanced Life Support on the frontline.

Four long-standing-sustainable fire stations and administrative offices/training centers were constructed and opened to keep up with the growing district.

Between 2017-2018, four Rosenbauer pumpers and a Rosenbauer 100-foot bucket truck were purchased and put into service.

Wentzville Fire Protection District station garage firefighters and fire trucks

 2018 - Current

With the help of the last bond issue we’re able to make significant gains from the  modernization of our technology platforms and infrastructure.  
Focused on a leaner, lighter, and simpler approach to technology.  
Our main focus has been minimizing our complex technology infrastructure and getting rid of expensive outdated servers and computer hardware.  
We’ve shifted to cloud platforms allowing our members to access district-critical information whenever and wherever they need, while still being highly secure.  
In our new environment there is less hardware to purchase, break, insure and maintain.  
The proactive approach we take to technology serves us well, especially through the trying times of the pandemic.  
We continually look for opportunities to serve our community while maintaining the safest conditions possible for our team.


Today, there are 61 full-time employees and three board members.  The district continues to seek the most efficient ways to deliver the most advanced emergency and rescue services.

Wentzville Fire Protection District Fire Fighter training with fire hoses
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