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What to Know About Missouri Open Burning Regulations

Fall leaves lead to piles in the backyard, and homeowners might be enticed to burn this waste. Before starting a backyard burn pile or any ‘open burn,’ individuals must understand the regulations that guide open burning.

Here’s what to know about open burning mandates for those living in the Wentzville district.

Open Burning Guidelines for St. Charles

Open burning does not include any fire in a fireplace; open burning is solely related to burning materials outdoors. Every region has unique mandates related to open burning. The open burning season for unincorporated St. Charles County runs from September 16th through April 14th each year.

Only residents living in unincorporated areas may engage in open burning. In addition, St. Charles County prohibits open burning of household waste.

Open Burn Permits

Individuals residing in the Wentzville Fire Protection District might wonder if they need to apply for a permit for an open burn. Permits are required from the District for all open burns. Burn permit applications are available on the Wentzville Fire Protection District website.

Do NOT Burn These Materials

Some materials release harmful chemicals and pollutants into the air. Residents should never burn these materials:

● Tires

● Coated electric wires

● Roofing shingles

● Household trash

● Any treated lumber

● Plastic

Tips for a Safe Burn

Securing a permit is the first step every resident should take when conducting any type of open burn. In addition, individuals also need to follow proper safety procedures to ensure their well-being and protect their surroundings, too.

1. Never feed flames with fuel.

If flames start to dissipate, stoke the fire with untreated wood or other approved materials. Never add fuel or gasoline to the fire.

2. Keep a safe distance.

Flying embers can ignite clothing on fire. In addition, fires should be ignited at least 75 feet from homes and buildings.

4. Know when to call for help.

Some fires begin to spread and quickly become unmanageable. Call 9-1-1 for help to ensure that the fire can be contained.

5. Never leave a fire unattended.

Be mindful of fires during an open burn. Never leave flames unattended, and always fully extinguish flames and embers. Even one tiny ember can ignite flames that can spread to trees and buildings.

With the open burn season about to commence, residents should remember that all open burns require a permit. In addition, only those who reside in unincorporated St. Charles County can conduct an open burn. To apply for a permit, visit our website!

About the Author

Wentzville Fire District is one of the largest fire districts in St. Charles County, covering 88 square miles. The fire district is committed to serving and protecting our community through the highest quality of fire protection, prevention, education, and community outreach.


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